Update Huawei U9200 Ascend P1 to B508 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Emotion UI

Update the Huawei U9200 Ascend P1 to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Firmware with the EMOTION UI interface. Huawei has not released the Official Update for their U9200  Ascend But thanks to the developers that they had released the stable version of the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with the customized features. All the components in this ROM are working i.e. there is no alteration in the functionality. Just download the ROM and flash it. This ROM has the integrated Google Applications, so you don’t need to flash them separately. We are providing the complete tutorial on the Flashing of the Firmware Just follow them strictly :


Details about this ROM:

This ROM is the Build on the Jelly Bean Platform with embedded Emotion UI Interface. If you want to Install the Touch-WIZ interface Task Manager then you can simply Install the *.apk file of this.

Disclaimer Pop: All the tools, MOD’s or ROM’s described  below belong to their respected owners/developers. We (trickytweaks.com) are just representing the method in a Pre-described and in a Better way so that you can Integrate this Update Method in your device easily. We are not forcing you to do this.

Before flashing the Custom ROM, You Must have the Backup of the Data Android Data Backing Guide Includes Messages Contacts and ALL

Requirements :

    • Huawei U9200 Mobile Handset. Do not try on the Other Variants of Verizon and Sprint.
    • USB Cable
    • Do Make Sure you have the Proper Driver Installed. Gadget Serial Driver
    • You need to enable the USB Debugging Mode and this can be done by
        • Settings.
        • Scroll down and tap “Developer options”.
        • Now check “USB debugging” from there

Download the Firmware :


Complete Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1 - Download B508 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. As this is the *.ZIP file, extract it in Some Folder.

Step 2 - Connect the phone via USB Cable and Mount the USB Memory in the PC.

Step 3 - Copy and Paste the UPDATE.APP file &  UPDATE_CUST.APP in the Root of the Memory Card “Root Means the very first windows of the USB drive eg: /mnt/sdcard/dload/UPDATE.APP. Create ‘dload’ directory if needed.

If these Files are not in the Extracted File Then Ignore the Above Step

Step 4 - Disconnect the Phone form USB cable and turn it off

Step 5 - In the Case if Huawei Mobile, Just POP the battery OUT and Re-insert it.

Step 6 - Go in the firmware Installation Mode by Switching on the phone, press and hold the Volume Up + followed by the Power buttons together.

Step 7 - The Installation of the Jelly Bean Will begin Now.

Its done Now, Your handset has been Upgraded to the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. First Boot will take some time, So please be patience


  1. Bhavik Mistry says:

    Is this a china firmware and does it have support for english?
    Also are you able to use a google account with this software?

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi so I tried flashing this firmware as per instruction but I am facing “Version list verify fail!” at the Software Upgrade Mode (Vol up + Vol Down + Power). You cannot flash UPDATE.APP via Recovery (Vol. up + Power).

    Any ideas on how to solve this?

    I am upgrading from HUAWEI Ascend P1 firmware(U9200-1,Android 4.0,V100R001C00B219,Normal,05010XWP)

  3. Chang says:

    Faced a Little Problem in the Start, But any how Installed this ROM.
    I really Like the Interface..
    Thanks a lot.. I was dreaming for the Jelly Bean on This Handset

  4. MaxLeo says:

    Are other languages supported in this firmware or is this only chinese version/language ??
    thanks a lot in advance :-) )

  5. Bhavik says:

    Do you know of another mirror to download the jelly bean update …. the mediafire link has reached its limit

    • Buddy These are the free servers… else hostfile servers are the slowest in the Universe.

      • Bhavik says:

        Doesnt answer my question but thx

        • Amow says:

          You can create a free account of your own and then transfer the file to your own folder. You will be able to download the file from your own folder to your PC.

          But I couldn’t flash JB to my Canadian version of P1. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

          • Amow, It will start flashing the Firmware Automatically after Inputting the Above Commands, You Must be doing wrong somewhere.
            Follow this >>

            Copy and Paste the UPDATE.APP file & UPDATE_CUST.APP in the Root of the Memory Card “Root Means the very first windows of the USB drive eg: /mnt/sdcard/dload/UPDATE.APP. Create ‘dload’ directory if needed.

          • Bhavik says:

            Thx Amow you are the man!!! :)

  6. kg says:

    I need only official and perfect version only !

  7. irvan says:

    but the question is…do huawei will bring the update to jelly bean for ascend P1?

    i read any artikel..but until now..no artikel said that huawei bring the update :(

    • Buddy Its clearly written their that Huawei has not released this Firmware officially.
      Its Just a Leak. And all the components are working in this ROM
      You can manually Update your device if you want.

  8. mukarram says:

    Do we need root for this? Because the touchwiz task manager requires cm

  9. Diagnosis says:

    Hi.. I cant download the links ..Can you please fix it ? Thanks!

  10. Riyan says:

    I got the Jelly Bean.
    Shashank, you are the man. buddy.
    once again thanks for the instruction.

  11. Dr. Mindbender says:

    Um… How do you pop the battery out? I don’t know about everyone else but my handset is sealed

  12. Nilan Munn says:

    JB link is not working on medifire, do u have any other mirror. My P1 is rooted using unlockroot.com on stock B104 firmware, got it from Hong Kong will this work?

  13. Nilan Munn says:

    Was able to DL part 2 & 3, but unable to get part 1 of the Jelly Bean DL as it keeps saying that it is a split blocked archive, can some one help me, either by letting me know of a different site i can DL it from or if some one could forward me a copy of it, that would be great.

  14. htunhtunaung says:

    update huaweiu9200
    sent to my phone 009509422508723

  15. Nilan Munn says:

    I was able to get a full copy from johnny paranoia’s blog. I tried to update my P1 with a stock B104 firmware using the Huawei B226 stock roms from there website, using the normal upgrade option & it comes back as version list verify fail, SD card upgrade fail, tried this with the B508 rom and that also came back with the same message.

    I have tried to flash the recovery with cwm_touch_recovery_viva_beta.img and that did not work either as it just came up with waiting for device in the command prompt window, i have al the correct usb drivers etc, installed so what am i doing wrong? any help greatly appreciated.

  16. Nilan Munn says:

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me, yes USB debugging is on, i did root it using unlockroot website, but i think the bootloader is locked, i saw on another website the guy installed root explorer on his phone and edited the system build.prop file and changed all the references to his firmware to the one he wanted to use and then updgraded by the normal option i.e. setting>storage>Software Upgrade, i’m gonna give this a go, once i make a back up off that file in case it doesn’t work. i report back on how it went.

  17. Nilan Munn says:

    Update: I was able to flash the firmware with B508 rom, using the above method seems to get rid of the verify check error. Flashing the normal option came up with a error and put the phone in a frozen state on boot-up, at this stage i thought for sure that i’ve bricked my phone, but then i tried the force flashing option and it worked and continued to the end.
    Right now all seems well. thanks all for your help, hope this might help some one as well.

  18. anup says:

    can i try this on huawei T9200?is huawei u9200 and huawei t9200 same?will my phone brick if i try this?

  19. Irvan says:

    Hi Shashank,,,
    after we install this “jelly bean firmware”, and if someday Huawei release the “official jelly bean” for ascend P1, can we upgrade the phone to the officially jelly bean??????

  20. anup says:

    do u have any links for t9200? any custom roms jelly bean…i bought this huawei t9200 in china..i realy want to instal jellybean, but dnt seems to find any on the internet…plz help me bro…

  21. Nilan Munn says:

    How do you get the Google apps working, i’ve downloaded the file, is there a link to this procedure?

    Also wanted to say thanks again for all your help in getting JB on my phone, and for those interested in the procedure i’m sorry i did not reply as i did not get any e-mail notifications, so did not know, and with being some what busy as well.
    Here is the link for any one that gets the version list verify fail error, i take no credit for this workaround .I’ve tried almost everything, and only this worked for me. So if you have a similar problem, it is likely the bootloader is locked, which makes putting even a touch recovery system on your device really difficult. I hope this is of help to some one, but please proceed with caution as i can not be held responsible if you brick your device. Here is the link by Senior member fasst, good luck.

  22. Nilan Munn says:

    Sorry, the link was removed, apologies if i have not observed site rules. For any one interested search XDA Developers website for U9200, there’s a few on there, the post is named Rooting Huawei Ascend P1 U9200 and on page 7 you will find a post by a senior member fasst who lists the procedure for changing firmware references to match the one you want to flash.Good luck.

  23. hub says:

    hello supports the French language? thank

  24. Amow says:

    Hi Nilan,

    I found the post you referred to at XDA, I modified the build.prop file and changed all B226 to B113 or B219 but was still unable to let the P1 update the JB firmware. How did you modify the build.prop

  25. Nilan Munn says:

    Sorry for my late response, was on holiday, Amow i don’t know if you were able to install JB on your device, Did you try flashing it by holding down the volume down button and power button at the same time, as this method worked for me as the normal flashing method did not work and put the phone in a frozen state.
    let me know if your still having issues and i will try to help you.

  26. Nilan Munn says:

    Amow, i think you have to change the reference to B508 (in full, as specified by poster) put the downloaded JB firmware in to the dload folder on your device, you should have update.app in this folder. Now try flashing the normal way, if that does not work try flashing as above.

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