Update Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 XXCLL2 Official Firmware

Korean Giant is Focusing on the latest Updates P3100XXCLL2 which are being rolled by Google every month. Samsung is lot concerned with these updates. The TOP Korean Giant has integrated the 4.1.2 JZO54K Update for the other variant of the Galaxy Note. Yes, this is the official release for 4.2.1 Android Version. This ROM is personalized with many features.

Update notification is also available on KIES, In a condition you have not received the notification or are unable to flash via the OTA, then you can follow the ODIN tutorial to manually flash your Galaxy P3100

If you have previously bricked your Galaxy Tab P3100, while Installing any Custom ROM, then you can easily unbrick or soft-brick your handset by following this Tutorial :

P3100XXCLL2 4.1.2 Root Update

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Firmware Details :

File Name P3100XXCLL2
Region France
OS Version Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
Release Date 2012 , December
Download Download Now Hotfile Link
Additional Info Model : P3100 Tab 7.0 PDA : P3100XXCLL2 CSC :
File Size 1.05 GB


This Firmware is Generic, one of the stable ROM as it does not contain the Lot of bloatware as in the previous 4.1.2 release. You don’t need to be rooted. As this is the official release Just simply flash it via ODIN

Root Warning : After flashing this Firmware I9300XXELL1 you will loose authorization to the currently Installed Rooted application that require the special permission to execute. So to gain them back you have to root the device again.

How to flash the Firmware P3100XXCLL2 via ODIN :

  • Just download the Firmware Package and Extract the Files

ODIN is Must for Flashing the Rooting PACKAGE, don’t try to flash with any other flasher Tool.

  • Switch off your phone. Now go to Download Mode. Know How?

This can be done by Pressing and holding the Volume Down, and then press the Power button till you see the construction Android robot and a triangle. Press Power again to confirm to enter into Download Mode.

Execute the ODIN and connect the phone in the Download Mode.

  • If you have successfully connected the phone then ID:COM boxes will turn yellow with the COM port number. This process is bit sluggish in nature and will take sometime.

If it does not Identify the Port Number, then do Download these USB Port Drivers / Gadget Serial USB drivers, and reinstall them, this will help ODIN to recognize the Port Number and establish Connectivity

  • After identifying the Port Number It will ask you the list of files to be flashed.

  • After Locating the Files Perform the following Instructions :
  1. Check the Auto Reboot
  2. Check the F. Reset Time options.
  3. Check Re-partition

Use only these options, there is no need to experiment with the Other Options on Your expensive design.

  • Just Hit the Start Button Present at the Bottom Left, ODIN will start flashing the Downloaded flashing Files
  • ODIN will display the PASS Message after the flashing.
  • After restarting, the phone will show the Home Menu after a Little span of time. Disconnect the Cable from the Handset now and then again switch it off.
  • Now in the recovery mode. Switch ON the Phone while pressing and holding Volume down + Home + Power buttons together.
  • And by Browsing the Menu Select the Data/wipe Factory Data.
  • Your System will reboot now.

I will like to draw your attention again that, this firmware is only for the i9300 Variant do not try this on the other Variant/ Model of the Galaxy Note else it may result in the Bricked Phone. Their is a separate ROM for each device.


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  1. Quraish says:

    Hi.. I’m new to this stuff.. Have never tried my hand at flashing or rooting before but I’m always up to the challenge :) I just bought the galaxy tab 2 P3100 (unfortunately some bloke stole my galaxy note a few days ago).. It is currently running on 4.1.1 ..
    A few contradicting things in your post..
    1. A coupe of places mention that this ROM is 4.1.2 whereas one place states that it is 4.2.1.. Which one is it actually?
    2. the link is for P3100 but instructions are for i9300.. could you confirm this pls (the tab 2 has no hardware button for home, unless I am mistaken).
    3. Since it is the official ROM I will continue to receive OTA updates without affecting warranty? Or will I need to re-flash to the Official Indian Stock ROM as and when it is released here in India.

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