Google Nexus 7 Unlock BootLoader : How to Tutorial

Nexus 7 is the most Hottest Rite now in the COLD Winters. Unlocking the Bootloader Helps in utilizing the Most of the Handset. Google at a conference gave this Google Nexus 7 to the developers, and they hit the Chance It was not a long time when unlocking the Bootloader tutorial for LG Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 was online.

What is Bootloader Unlocking :

Unlocking the bootloader gives you the access to Install the unsigned Google Applications. You can Install the clockworkmod recovery Custom Software and even can flash the Custom ROM’s. This will give full access to the Handset and you can utilize the most of it. Many Users Blamed that it was the network provider who has locked the Bootloader but the reality was something different.

Just follow the Instructions to Unlock the Google Nexus 7 bootloader :

Disclaimer Pop: All the tools, MOD’s or ROM’s described  below belong to their respected owners/developers. We ( are just representing the method in a Pre-described and in a Better way so that you can Integrate this Update Method in your device easily. We are not forcing you to do this.

Below is the Android Backup Guide, you must make the complete backup of your Data before continuing this Process.

Before flashing the Custom ROM, You Must have the Backup of the Data Android Data Backing Guide Includes Messages Contacts and ALL

Requirements :

After Unlocking your Bootloader the Warranty Will VOID. So to claim your warrant you have to relock the Bootloader. Instructions are provided at the end of the Post.

How to Unlock the Nexus 7 Bootloader :

  • Turn off the device and reboot in the FastBoot recovery Mode. Know How >? This can be done by Holding the Power UP Button Volume Down Button Followed by the Power Button.
  • After Booting the FastBoot Mode you will see the recognized Android robot.
  • Just connect the phone to the computer via the Supplied USB Cable..
  • Just Navigate to the folder location where the FastBoot folder Installed. Now at that particular location open the Command Prompt.

Move to android-sdk-windows>> platform-tools >> open Command Prompt This can be done by  (Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt).


  • Now Enter the Following Command

fastboot devices

This will display the Nexus 7 ID, ensuring that your Nexus 10 is successfully connected. In case the device ID is not getting displayed try to re-install the FastBoot Drivers.

  • After the connection is established. Enter the following Commands

fastboot oem unlock

This will ask for the Confirmation in the Nexus 10. After the Confirmation your handset will be fully wiped and restored to the factory Settings. Do Make Sure you have the proper Backup.

If in case the device does not reboot automatically, Enter the following Commands to do so :

fastboot reboot

Your Handset will reboot. It will take 5 Min to load for the First Time. Thats Done !!!! Bootloader has Been Unlocked. Now you can install the custom software, modified boot images and custom recovery. Do whatever you want. This will not require the authentication of the Google Signs Apps..


How to re-lock the Bootloader:

Re-locking the Bootloader is quite easy, Just follow the above steps, except for the Last Step. There is a Little Bit change in it.

Enter this Command to Re-lock the Bootloader :

fastboot oem lock

Now your Handset BootLoader is locked and will require the Google Signs Apps Only. You can also claim your warrant after relocking the Bootloader.

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